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Hong's USA contains 

Gumdo(Swords), Habgido(Joint Locks), and Taekwondo (Kicks/Punches).






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   *Taekwondo Lessons

      -Tiny Tiger's Class

      -All Families Class

      -Adult Class

   *Habgido Lessons

   *Gumdo Lessons

   *Special Needs Lessons

   *Senior Citizen Lessons





Free Lessons Valued at $1,000,000

Available with 0% Commitment

from the World Famous

Soon Pil Hong & his Students.










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We teach Authentic/Traditional Korean Taekwondo(kick&punch), Habgido(Joint Lock&Ground Attacking), and Gumdo(Swords). 


We stress to all of our students the Five Tenets of Heungyungwan: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, and Indomitable Spirit.


Don't be deceived by unqualified master instructors, who have fraudulent business practices, and falsely promote themselves and purchase their rank.

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