Michiana's Only Traditional Korean Self Defense

Hong's USA contains 

Gumdo(Swords), Habgido(Joint Locks), and Taekwondo (Kicks/Punches).






"Martial Art Programs" Tab Contains

   *Taekwondo Lessons

      -Tiny Tiger's Class

      -All Families Class

      -White Belts Class

      -All Adult Class

   *Habgido Lessons

   *Gumdo Lessons

   *Special Needs Lessons

   *Senior Citizen Lessons


Free Lessons Valued at $1,000,000

Available with 0% Commitment

from the World Famous

Soon Pil Hong & his Students.




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Instructors at our school teach Authentic/Traditional Korean Taekwondo(kick&punch), Habgido(Joint Lock&Ground Attacking), and Gumdo(Swords). 


Hong's USA guides to all of our students the Five Tenets of Heugryong Kwan: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, and Indomitable Spirit.


Don't be deceived by unqualified master instructors, who have fraudulent business practices, and falsely promote themselves and purchase their rank.


Grandmaster Soon Pil Hong 9th Degree Black Belt.

Photographed with one of his Teachers Byung Chae Lee.

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