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Our Staff

Hong's USA Taekwondo boasts a staff of highly competent and friendly fitness professionals.

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Grandmaster Soon Pil Hong

9th Dan/Degree Black Belt Taekwondo

9th Dan/Degree Black Belt Habgido

9th Dan/Degree Black Belt Gumdo


 Owner of Hong's USA Taekwondo


Hong's USA Taekwondo Habgido Gumdo Academy

Out of State Instructor

PATFD/USATAD Arizona/Missouri State President
915 Olive Street, Unit 1111                                                                     
St. Louis, MO. 63101 USA                                                                       
Mobile #602-292-6619 or School #573-337-8370

Miss Cherie Garrett

Black Belt Instructor/Office Manager

2nd Dan (Degree Black Belt)


Miss Garrett loves to work with some of the youngest students in class.  She really loves to help teach the students the Taekwondo Poomsaes (forms).

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