Primary Goals

-Our franchise is located near the bottom of Berrien County MI, and above St. Joseph County IN.



-Authentic Self Defense uses its influence to fund Special Needs Events, and Police Departments.



-Connecting with the people of Michiana gives us the chance to role model traditional values and formal respect.



-Communication and honesty has been our Academy's primary goal for over 34 years.







   Instructors at our Dojang teach students to make their mind calm, and confident at all times. Our students represent the best teacher in Michiana by pridefully showing their problem solving, descision making, and courtesy skills.


5 Tenets

Courtesy: Good Manners, Respect.

Integrity: Straight Dealing, Honsety.

Perseverance: Loyalty, Overcoming Difficulties

Self Control: Mature Physical Descisions, Experienced Emotional Descisions

Indomitable Spirit: Unconquerable, Unshakeable Beliefs 



Look to the "Martial Art Programs" tab on the side of this page describes our different Taekwondo classes in detail.


Disciplines of Taekwondo


*Patterns              *Sparring

*Self-Defense       *Breaking


These categories help to develop a human

and each of them may be specialized in.



Objectives of Taekwondo


1.  To develop an appreciation for Taekwondo as

     a sport and an art.

2.  To achieve physical fitness through positive 


3.  To improve mental discipline and emotional


4.  To learn self-defense skills.

5.  To develop a sense of responsibility for one's

     self and others.





Taekwondo is primarily a kicking art. Often with a greater emphasis on sparring at extended ranges to defend against opponents with their feet.  Taekwondo is known for being very powerful. Training emphasizes sparring, classmate drills, and poomsaes (forms).


Taekwondo: Modern martial art, characterized by fast, high, and spinning kicks.  Oftenly translated as the "Way of the Hand and Foot".


Tae = "Foot" or "Kick" or "to Jump"

Kwon = "Fist" or "to Strike or

Block with Hand"

Do = "The Way of Mind-Spirit" or "Art"


Put this together and Taekwondo means "The Art of Punching & Kicking" or "The Art of Unarmed Combat".




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