Affiliations & Credentials

(The affiliations & Credentials listed below are just a part of his Martial Arts background)

Martial Art Professional Affiliations


2009+ M.A.C. (Martial Arts Commission) USA


1988+ US Olympic Committee (USOC) 
1988+ International Olympic Committee (IOC) 
1985+ Universal Taekwondo Habgido Gumdo Union

1985+ Universal Taekwondo Union (UTU) 
1985+ Universal Habgido Union (UHU) 
1985+ Universal Gumdo Union (UGU) 
1985+ Universal American National Taekwondo Habgido

           Gumdo Union (UANTHGU) 
1973+ World Taekwondo Federation (WTF)

1973+ Kukkiwon 

Martial Arts Credentials


Received 9th Dan in Taekwondo 
Received 9th Dan in Habgido 
Received 9th Dan in Gumdo 

Martial Arts Referee Credentials


2008+ U.S. Referee Chairman (all 50 states) - U.S.O.C. 2004 - Olympic Taekwondo Trial Judge, US Olympic

2003 - Second Class International Taekwondo Referee,

2001 - First Class Referee, International Habgido 


1994 - Certified Master Instructor of Taekwondo, Dr. Un

           Young Kim, Vice President of the International

           Olympic Committee and President of the

1990 - First Class International Taekwondo Referee,

           International Olympic Committee 
1990 - First Class International Taekwondo Referee,

           World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) 
1990 - Special Class International Referee, World

           Taekwondo Habgido Gumdo Union 

Martial Arts Professional Membership


2003+ Member, United States Taekwondo Grand Master

           Society - Seoul, South Korea 
2003+ Member, Jidokwan Taekwondo - Seoul, South

2001+ President, Michigan State Habgido Association 
1999+ Member, Universal Korean National Gumdo Union

1999+ Member, Korean Gumdo Federation - Seoul,

           South Korea 
1999+ World Gumdo Federation - Seoul, South Korea 
1999+ Korea Gumdo Association - Seoul, South Korea 
1999+ Branch Manager and Coach, World Sports Gumdo            Federation (USA) 
1990+ President, Universal American National

           Taekwondo Union(UANTU)(USA) 
1990+ President, Universal American National Habgido

1990+ President, Universal American National Gumdo


Trained Olympic Proteges in

Taekwondo Sparring


Peter Lopez - 2008 Silver Medal 
Mark Lopez - 2008 Silver Medal 
Diana Lopez - 2008 Bronze Medal 
Stepen Lopez - 2000 Gold Medal, 2004 Gold Medal,

                         2008 Bronze Medal 
Kay Po - 2000 US Olympic Team Competitor 
Juan Moreno - 1988 Silver Medal, 1992 Silver Medal,

                        2008 US Olympic Taekwondo

                                       Sparring Coach 

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