Grandmaster Hong is still teaching the traditional, authentic Korean Martial Arts of Taekwondo, Habgido, and Gumdo after all of these years for two reasons: his love of the Korean Martial Arts and his wish pass them on to future generations of martial artists.  He encourages his students to do their best when they practice their martial art skills in class.


However, Grandmaster Hong does not compare one student to another.  he wants his students to show their "heart" and conduct themselves in the appropriate martial arts behavior inside and outside the Dojang (practice gym).  Grandmaster Hong has been known to say to his students, 

"I just want you to enjoy what you learn during Taekwondo, Habgido, or Gumdo classes.  If you want to become a champion and compete nationally and internationally, I can help you reach that goal.  My main concern is that you improve your life and every aspect of it".


When Grandmaster Hong's students feel that they want to thank him for what they have been taught, they will volunteer to do various projects around the gym to help improve the faciliteies for all to enjoy.  This is what Traditional, Authentic Korean Martial Arts are all about.  The students will want to help the school grow when they are encouraged to strive to do their best everyday in class.  This is what Grandmaster Hong does.  his students are made to feel like they are a part of his extended martial arts family.

"All that is separated can meet again, through this, everything cn be seen to become one.  I can find my real self and towards perfection turn.  Mind, Body, and Spirit harmonized make a human being whole. Action harmonizes freedom, ideas, and thoughts.  When all are harmonized, they melt into one.  One is perfect and equal to nothing."  Korean Poem - Anonymous Author

Soon Pil Hong - The Beginning


Grandmaster Hong began learning Taekwondo in 1968.  The picture displayed here shows his perfect attendance record throughout his training at the Bug Sung Taekwondo Academy (Odokwan) in Seoul, South Korea from 1968 - 1975.  He trained under Grandmaster Park Jong-Hun.  The name of the school was changed in 1976 (to the Present) to Hug Ryong Taekwondo Academy (Jidokwan) - same location, where he trained under Grandmasters Kim Hwa-Hyung & Lee Byung-Chae.  This level of dedication was shown by many, but not all.


Grandmaster Hong has been dedicated to Martial Arts since beginning his path as a young man.  During a trip to South Korea, he acheived/accomplished his 9th Degree Black Belt (Jidokwan) in Taekwondo.  He received his belt & certificate from Grandmaster Lee Sung-Wan, former President of Kukkiwon.

Soon Pil Hong -

Mastering the Martial Art



Grandmaster Hong has taken great time and energy documenting his path through martial arts with photos.  The Dojang is covered with pictures from 1968 as a white belt up to current photos of Grandmaster Hong diligently training and teaching students alike.  There are so many pictures of his history we are unable to host all the pictures on our website!!  There are very few instructors who has their history o fMartial Arts training documented through photos.

Definition of a Grandmaster


Grandmaster Hong has been an icon in his community by helping individuals and groups as much as he can.  He donates to and supports many local area groups along with his other community members.


Many parents bring troubled children & teens to Grandmaster Hong to teach them discipline.  He gives them an understanding of how life works and how to be a good person.  He also teaches them to follow the Five Tenets of Taekwondo: (Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, & Indomitable Spirit) in the Dojang (practice gym) as well as life.


Grandmaster Hong is the only one is the Michiana area (Michigan/Indiana) that has a legal license as a Grandmaster Instructor through the World Taekwondo Federation.  He is also the only one in the Michiana area that has a legal Grandmaster's License to teach Special Needs Martial Arts Students.  He also holds Grandmaster ranking in the Kukkiwon Headquarters.  Grandmaster Hong is recognized by the International Olympic Committee (I.O.C.) and the U.S. Olympic Committee (U.S.O.C.); he was formerly the U.S. Referee Chairman of the USA Taekwondo Martial Arts Commission

(USA M.A.C.).


Listed below are just some of the achievements of Grandmaster Hong throughout his life as a Martial Artist and Instructor.

Since 1985, Hong's USA Taekwondo, Habgido, Gumdo, Inc., has been providing instruction in Taekwondo, Habgido and Gumdo in the Niles area (located behind the Galaxy Roller Rink). We are only minutes from Granger, Indiana and the Michigan/Indiana State Line (North US51/South US933), Gumwood, and Ironwood Roads.



Here are our different addresses/locations:


1) Hong's USA Taekwondo, Inc. 1118 Ontario Road, Niles, Michigan 49120 USA, Phone #574-243-3853 or #269-687-5000, Email:


2) Hongs' USA Taekwondo, Habgido, Gumdo Academy Master Instructor LaRon Moore 17205 West Caribbean Lane, Surprise, Arizona USA Phone #573-337-0834


3) Battel Community Center, Mishawaka, Indiana


4) The State of Michigan appointed Grandmaster Soon Pil Hong, Ph.D., as a Physical Education Teacher for Elementary/Middle/High School for Physical Education credit course. This includes the state of Michigan's Home School Program. Subjects taught: Authentic Korean Style Taekwondo(Olympic Style Sparring & Poomsae/forms), Self Defense, and Muscle Training/Lifting Weights to High School Students. All classes will be held at the Niles, Michigan location(Please visit our Calendar page for a class schedule).



Learning a martial art is not like buying merchandise in a department store or from the store’s website. Please do not be taken in by sales over the phone from some fly-by-night martial arts school.

You need to experience the martial art class first hand (in person) in order to gain the most knowledge and the details about the classes offered.


Experiencing the techniques for yourself is worth the small effort of scheduling an appointment.  This is why we always strongly

encourage anyone that is interested in checking us to schedule a




Many of our current students & their parents have said that what they are learning from Grandmaster Hong and his staff is priceless – it is worth more than money can buy, for what they gain from it. Some of the things that you will gain from these lessons are: stronger self-esteem/values, healthier lifestyle,

self-defense skills, and a stronger sense of community togetherness.









Anyone is welcome to come to Hong's USA Taekwondo Habgido Gumdo Inc. to see for themselves all the documentation that Grandmaster Hong has accumulated, proving his Grandmaster Black Belt Rank, and all the many teaching and International Referee positions that he has held. Some of these positions that he holding or has held are as follows: USA Taekwondo (M.A.C.) U.S. Referee Chairman, 9th Degree Black Belt - Kukkiwon, World Taekwondo Federation International Referee - 1st Class Sparring, World Taekwondo Federation International Referee - 3rd Class Poomsae, and Kukkiwon International Hanmadang Referee 2nd Class.



If you have interest in the International Jidokwan Mooye Federation - President: Grandmaster Soon Pil Hong Ph.D., 9th Degree Black Belt (Taekwondo Jidokwan Korea) Direct Main H.Q. Address: 1025 West McKinley Avenue, Mishawaka, Indiana 46545 USA Telephone: 574-532-8321,

Fax: 574-255-6946, Email:

US Military Career


1980 - 1984: 2nd Ranger Infantry Battalion 

1984: Brigade Middle Weight Boxing Champion


1985 - 1988: ROTC Cadet, University of Notre Dame


US Military Honors


Expert Status, M-16 Assault Rifle & Grenade 


1984: US Army Achievement Medal 

1984: US Army Good Conduct Medal 

Martial Arts Organizational Experience


2008: Head Organizer, 4th Universal Taekwondo 

          Habgido Gumdo Union World Championship.  

          1,800 competitors - Guilin, China (WTF, UANTU,


2007: Head Organizer, 4th Universal Taekwondo

          Habgido Gumdo Union World Championship. 400

          competitors - University of Notre Dame. Notre

          Dame, IN (WTF, UANTU, UTHGU) 

2006: Head Organizer, 4th Universal Taekwondo

          Habgido Gumdo Union World Championship.   

          2,000 competitors - Songpagu Hagsang

          Gymnasium. Seoul, South Korea (WTF, UANTU,


2005: Head Organizer, 4th Universal Taekwondo

          Habgido Gumdo Union World Championship.

          1,700 competitors - Ganseogu Song Jung

          Elementary School. Seoul, South Korea (WTF,

          UANTU, UTHGU) 


Martial Arts Supervisory Experience

1992: Invited Master Position, 18th US Taekwondo

          Championship. Hampton Coliseum.


1996: Director, 20th Indiana Junior Olympic Taekwondo

          Championship, Joyce Center - University of Notre

          Dame, Notre Dame, IN (USOC)


1997: Head of Court, 17th US Junior Olympic Taekwondo

          Championship. Louisville, KY 

1997: Director, 17th Indiana State Golden Senior

          Championship. Joyce Center, University of

          Notre Dame. Notre Dame, IN (USOC) 


Martial Arts Referee Experience

1991: Head Umpire, US Junior Olympic Championship,

          Cincinatti, OH


1994: International Referee, South American Taekwondo

          Championship, Valencia, Venezuala (WTF) 

1994: International Referee, Central American

          Taekwondo Championship, Tegucigalpa, Honduras


1994: International Taekwondo Referee, World Cup,

          Cayman Islands (WTF) 

1994 - 1998: International Referee, US Open, US

          Olympic Training Center, Colorado Springs, CO



1995: International Referee, 3rd Central American

          Taekwondo Championship, Quito, Equador (WTF) 

1995: International Referee, 3rd Central American

          Taekwondo Championship, US Olympic Center,

          Colorado Springs, CO (USOC) 


1996: International Referee, US Open Taekwondo

          Championship, US Olympic Center,

          Colorado Springs, CO (USOC) 


1997: Head Referee & Coach Chairman, 1st US Golden

          Senior Taekwondo Championship,

          Chicago, IL (USOC) 


1998: International Referee, US Taekwondo Open,

          Orlando, FL (USOC & WTF) 


1999: International Referee, 2nd International

          Taekwondo Korea Open. Chungju, South

          Korea (IOC & WTF) 

1999: International Referee, Canada Taekwondo Open.

          Ontario, Canada (WTF) 

1999: International Referee, Korea Taekwondo Open,

          Chuncheon, South Korea (WTF) 

1999: International Referee, US Open, Anaheim

          Convention Center Arena. Anaheim, CA


1999: International Referee, 3rd Mexico Taekwondo

          Open, Pan American Taekwondo Union,

          Tlalnepantla, Mexico (PATU & WTF) 


2004: Referee, US Olympic Training Center. Colorado

          Springs, CO 


2006: International Taekwondo Referee, Chicago Open

          International Taekwondo Championship.

          Chicago, IL (PATU & WTF) 




Martial Arts Coaching Experience

2004: Coach, World Hammadang Taekwondo

          Championship Team, 1st Place Synchronized

          Forms, Kukkiwon, South Korea 

1999: Head Coach, US Olympic Taekwondo Women's

          Team, China Olympic Center & Seoul Olympic 

          Stadium, China & South Korea 

1999: US Taekwondo Coach, International Seoul Cup,

          Kukkiwon, South Korea 

1999: US Coach, Seoul Cup, Kukkiwon, South Korea 

1998: US Team Coach, Pan-Am Cup Taekwondo

          Championship, Pan American Taekwondo

          Union, Lima, Peru 

1994: US National Coach, 14th US Olympic 

          Championship, Chicago, IL 

1993: Team Coach, Jamaica National Taekwondo Team,

          World Taekwondo Championship, Madison Square

          Garden, New York, NY (IOC & WTF) 

1992: US Coach, 12th US Jumior Olympic Taekwondo

          Championship, Orlando, FL (USOC & WTF) 

1991: Head Coach & Head of Court, 16th National

          Collegiate Championship, Palatine, IL

Civic Leadership


1986 - 1992: Court Translator for Korean - State of



1990 - Current: Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon - Raised over



1999 - 2003: Founder, International Exchange Program,

          Yang Hwa Elementary School - Seoul, South


1999 - 2003: Founder, Grand Master Soon Pil Hong

          Scholarship Fund Yang Hwa Elementary School -

          Seoul, South Korea


Non-Academic Appointments

1996: Regional Instructor of Sparring Forms, Technical,

          Contest Rules and Referee Certification

          Committee, Lafayette, IN (USOC)


1997: Regional Instructor of Sparring Forms, Technical,

          Contest Rules and Referee Certification

          Committee, Atlanta, GA (USOC)


2005: Regional Instructor, technical, Contest Rules and

          Referee Certification Committee, World Universal

          Taekwondo Habgido Gumdo Championship, Notre

          Dame, IN (USOC, UANTU & UTHGU)


2006: Regional Instructor, technical, Contest Rules and

          Referee Certification Committee, World Universal

          Taekwondo Habgido Gumdo Championship, Notre

          Dame, IN (USOC, UANTU & UTHGU)


2007: Regional Instructor, Technical, Contest Rules and

          Referee Certification Committee, World Universal   

          Taekwondo Habgido Gumdo Championship, Notre

          Dame, IN (USOC, UANTU & UTHGU) 

Press Interviews

10/2001: Black Belt Magazine


11/2001: Taekwondo Times Magazine


11/2003: Taekwondo Times Magazine


03/2005: Taekwondo Times Magazine 

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