Hong's USA Taekwondo weight room open to members and the public.


Public must sign release of liability and pay the daily weight room fee of 10$. Speak with Instructors to gain access. 

Besides the free weights area, there are various other weightlifting machines as well as treadmills and bicycles.

Parents of Family Memberships may use weight room or leisure area while your children take part in the classes as part of the membership.


(Must be 18 years of age or 16 years of age with Parent/Guardian.)



Hong's USA Taekwondo, Habgido, Gumdo, Inc.

Party Rentals Contain 

-Gymnasium with kickboxing bags & targets

-Weight room for adults and children with parents or guardians

-Lesiure area with TV & couches

-Washrooms with lockers, toilets, sinks, and showers

May rent for Birthdays, Childrens Holiday Breaks, Reunions, etc.





If interested in a party rental, schedule a spot by contacting

Monday through Friday 11AM-12PM

Saturday 2:30PM-4PM

Sunday 11AM-4PM



Party Times & Durations

-Members of School 50% Off

-Minumum Time: Half Hour

-Starting Price $50

-Maximum Time: One Hour

-Starting Price $100




Rentals On Holidays May Be Possible


Call: 269-687-5000

email: soonpilhong@sbcglobal.net

for more details.

Hong's USA Store

Carries everything a true martial artist may need for Students, Athletes, or Instructors.

Located inside of School.

Call ahead of time to have item prepared for sale.

Stop in to browse our selection further.


For store location click the "contact information & directions" tab.

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