Home School Program

Course Title: Traditional Self-Defense


Hong's USA Taekwondo Habgido Gumdo, Inc., is 

working with the state of Michigan to offer a physical fitness program for students who are home schooled.  Classes that are being offered for the following (for elementary thru high school students):


Authentic Korean-Style Taekwondo (Foot & Hand Techniques, Olympic Style Sparring, & Poomsaes/Forms), Habgido (Self-Defense & Joint Locks), and Gumdo (Korean Sword) Conditioning/Lifting Weights.  Some of the activities will require that the student be the minimum age of thirteen years old or older.


We currently offer the Home School Program for the Niles, Michigan School District in conjunction with the Niles Home School Partnership.

 General Course Description


Traditional Self-Defense: Taekwondo.  Students will learn basic Korean Taekwondo terminology.  they will also begin to learn the basic self-defense techniques while improving their physical & mental well-being, and improve their focus & awareness.  The students will learn and want to follow the Five Tenets of Taekwondo in the practice gym and in the other areas of their lives: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, self-Control, and Indomitable Spirit.


Semester(s) Offered: Fall & Winter Semesters


Call us @ 269-687-5000 to set up an appointment with Grandmaster Soon Pil Hong, Ph.D./9th Dan-Degree Black Belt, to get further information about this program.

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