Gumdo Classes



Gumdo Classes


Abilitys and skills learn in this class are apply useful. Developing the use of a sword to protect yourself may protect you or a loved one in unfortunate events.

Gumdo Classes teach ages 8 and up. This separate martial art can be taught to anybody willing. Special Needs students have learned Traditional Korean Sword fighting techniques as well 






-Gumdo forms


Developes attention span and focus. Exercise and learn deeper levels of respect. Study with classmates and even practice Jookdo(sword) self defense through sparring! Peacing together and maintaining protective equipment will improve responsibility skills.




Gillis Gyosanim is a Senior Gentleman who is treated for his dyalisis and overcomes his blindness disability.


This student of ours has been a true inspiration to all the people of the Michiana area by working hard for his black belt, and completely improving on all his characteristics when socializing and participating in the community.

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