Hong's USA Taekwondo  offers its students/parents (18 yrs old & up) the use of the weight gym area as part of their memberships.  Besides the free weights area, there are various other weightlifting machines as well as treadmills and bicycles.  If you don't take part in the martial art classes, you can still use the weight gym area as part of your Family Membership, while your children take part in the classes.  




In our Martial Arts Supply Store we carry everything you need for your Martial Arts Membership.


Our facilities, here @ Hong's USA Taekwondo Habgido Gumdo, Inc., are available for rental for a variety of parties: Birthdays, Anniversaries, Reunions, etc.


If you are interested in a party rental, please contact us

@ 269-687-5000 or via

email: soonpilhong@sbcglobal.net

for more details.

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